Metering pumps for industrial dosing of liquids

Piston pumps for universal metering

Type KBP 100

Compact, pneumatically operated piston pump for precise dosing of liquid media. The delivery volume is continuously adjustable from 0 to 100 mm ^3. On scaled adjustment knob with counting the delivery quantity is always set visible and reproducible.
The extremely high clock frequency of up to 5 Hz (strokes per second at medium viscosity of about 40 cSt), at which the pump can be operated allows an almost continuous fluid delivery, with full control over the exact flow rate.

All liquid contact seals are made of high quality FKM and resistant to most aggressive media.

Suitable for liquid media with a viscosity of about 10 to 1000 cSt.

Applications with critical media like adhesives, glues, paints, primers etc.:
After verification of material compatibility and eventual adaptation the suitability and durability will be evaluated by a practical test.
    Type Order No.
    KBP 100 001 01 0431 16

Type KKBP 100

Dosing pump as type KBP, but with all the connecting parts for connection to a coaxial hose system that is necessary for use in combination of two-component jet nozzles.
Minimal quantity lubrication systems in a known, dustproof cabinet construction is realized easily with these attachments.

Coupling connections of the proven coaxial coupling system, in different lengths (dimension A), allow an installation in your individual case - dustproof - but with the convenience of one-handed coaxial coupling.