SputtMiK facts:

Minimum quantity lubrication system with:

  • Infinitely variable piston pump
  • Infinitely adjustable spraying air
  • Digital frequency generator
  • For up to four lubrication points *

The system in detail:

Function of minimum quantity lubrication

The SputtMiK minimum quantity cooling/lubrication system is based on a patent-protected micro dosing pump. Up to four of these pneumatically actuated piston hydraulic pumps with continuously adjustable displacement volume are installed in a standard device. By means of a digital frequency generator (STW-DigiTimer), the clock frequency with which the pumps operate can be adjusted from several pump strokes per second up to one stroke in 99 hours.

This is the combination of a precisely adjustable pump frequency and the highly precise ejection volume of 0 to 100 μl (mm ^ 3), which allows a precise lubricant dosing.
The metered cooling lubricant is fed to a nozzle via a coaxial hose together with the spray air, which can be adjusted on the device and ejected. The spray air, in the specially designed nozzles, ensures the formation of the finest medium drops. Depending on the selected nozzle shape, these are transported in the air stream to the desired cooling / lubrication point, either in a point, laminar or in the form of a flat jet.

Particularly suitable for cutting machining, milling, drilling, thread cutting, circular saws, band saws, etc., but also for non-cutting shaping, such as rolling, pressing, bending, punching, etc.
Often the highly precise metering possibility is used for chain lubrication, as well as in production and assembly plants. For example adhesive media, lubricants or corrosion protection media are applicated in exactly reproducible quantities.

The concept of the SputtMiK dosing system is consistently designed for practical application. A robust stainless steel housing protects all important components. All setting options are freely accessible on the device in order to be able to react quickly and variably to changing machining parameters. A digital display always provides information on the set operating frequency during operation and a scale on the setting knob of the metering pump informs about the set pump volume. It is thus possible to repeatedly reproduce precisely defined parameters for certain applications, and to improve the quality of e.g. processing.

Further variability is obtained by the standard coaxial coupling between the device and coaxial hose with nozzle. This one-hand clutch makes it possible to use a device at different locations without having to dismantle expensively installed or mounted spray nozzles and hoses. Furthermore, the coaxial coupling offers the possibility to leave two different nozzles close to the spraying location and to "decouple" as required.

The system starts working as soon as the supply voltage of 24 V DC or 230 V AC is activated. It is thus easy to integrate the STW minimum quantity lubrication system into every new or existing production or processing system or to install it on a machine.

* ... in the standard configuration, which is always available in stock. Special variants can be implemented without any technical problems.