Grease Dosingpump DPF 30

Compact, universally applicable lubrication pump for grease lubrication even with large tube lengths.

Grease-Dosingpump for Standard-400g cartridge acc. DIN 1284

Grease-Dosingpump for Lube-Shuttle or System Reiner cartridges

Pneumatically operated piston pump for grease lubrication / dosing. Due to the high grease delivery pressure of up to 150 bar, with a pneumatic working pressure of 3..6 bar, longer piping paths can also be bridged. Furthermore, the DPF 30 metering pump is also ideally suited for supplying one or more progressive distributors in order to be able to supply many lubrication points with only one pump. The STW-DigiTimer (time control for the control of the lubrication cycles), which is available as an option to the DPF system, is the simplest and most cost-effective solution for operating a fully automatic lubrication system.
Designed for all standard cartridges: Standard 400g cartridges according to DIN 1284, environmentally friendly, refillable 400g Lube shuttle cartridges and 500g cartridges System Reiner.
Level control or monitoring possible with all cartridge variants.

Installation-dimensions of Grease Dosing-Pump DPF 30


    Cartridge Type level monitoring Solenoid voltage
    14 30 0106 XX X XXX
    01 = Standard 400g acc DIN1284
    02 = 400g Lube-Shuttle
    03 = 500g System Reiner
    S = with
    O = w/o
    level monitoring
    024 = 24 V DC
    048 = 48 V DC
    110 = 110 V AC
    230 = 230 V AC

Lube-Shuttle Cartridge w/o grease

The environmentally friendly, refillable empty cartridge for 400g grease for use in grease dosing pump DPF 30


    empty Cartridge 14 00 400