STW - DigiTimer - Frequency Generator and Microcontroller

The STW - DigiTimer is the ingeniously simple solution to control small appliances digitally, that is, milliseconds.
In our SputtMiK MQL-System or the Dose-Oiler we use them to precisely control the clocking frequency of the piston pumps. However, the STW-DigiTimer also controls the working time of our Drip Feed Lubricator, the timing of our Grease Pumps or the Electro-Magnetic Valve of your Application.

-Timer switch for any solenoid valve with connector acc. to DIN43650-A
-Asymmetrical clocking (separately adjustable ON and OFF time) from 10ms to 99h
-Programmable switch-on and switch-off delay
    Type Voltage Order-No.:
    DigiTimer 24 10-48V 04E40 024
    DigiTimer 230 110-240V 04E40 230