Air sheath nozzle LMD 1/8"

Two-fluid nozzle with miter chamber and adjustable air jacket.

Ideal for the atomization of very small media. The oil-enriched spray jet is "guided" by a jacket jet of clean air and protected against external influences, such as the air flow of moving tools.
Two-fluid nozzle for atomizing of liquid media with internal mixture.
    Type Order No.
    LMD 1/8" 04 60 07 02

Compact Jet Nozzle FSD 1/8"

"The Universal"

Compact Two-Component Nozzle with internal mixture, which has proved itself in addition to its excellent spraying properties due to the simple construction as a base nozzle - for universal use.
Whether on an aluminum mounting block, a bulkhead screw connection or directly in your application, the fine jet nozzle can be installed anywhere with a BSP G1 / 8 "thread.

For a particularly wide viscosity range.

Metric threads on request.
    Type Order No.
    FSD 1/8" 04 60 06 01

How a Nozzle for the Minimum Quantity Lubrication works

Precision-Jet-Nozzle on Copper-Tube or Articulated Plasic Hose

"The Universal"

Enormously fine atomizing Jet Nozzle on Cu-Tube or plastic articulated hose for cooling lubricant feed from outside.
With minimum air demand, even the smallest quantities of the medium can be applied precisely and on point.
The two-component-nozzle geometry, with the smallest mixing chamber in the nozzle head, allows a very fine spray pattern over a wide range of viscosities.

Available as all Cu nozzles in different lengths.
Special dimensions on request.
The standard in two component Jet Nozzles for Minimumg-Quantity-Lubricatin-Systems.

Precision Jet Nozzle on articulated plastic hose

Standard Jet-Nozzle for Minimum Quantity Lubrication

    Type Dim A Order No.
    Copper: PCD 100 123 04 60 02 100
    Copper: PCD 200 223 04 60 02 200
    Copper: PCD 300 323 04 60 02 300
    Copper: PCD 400 423 04 60 02 400
    Plastic: PKD 200 223 04 60 12 200
    Plastic: PKD 300 323 04 60 12 300
    Plastic: PKD 400 423 04 60 12 400


Precisely adjustable Flat spray nozzle on copper tube or plastic articulated hose for the application of cooling lubricants on surfaces.
When the minimum quantity lubrication system (MQL) is rapidly pulsed, for example, Tapes, sheets, etc., will be moistened evenly. With the arrangement of several nozzles in parallel, the spray width can be extended as desired.
Available as all Cu nozzles or nozzles on articulatet plastic hoses in different lengths.
For special dimensions just request.
    Type Dim A Order No.
    Copper-Nozzle FSD 100 132 04 60 04 100
    Copper-Nozzle FSD 200 232 04 60 04 200
    Copper-Nozzle FSD 300 332 04 60 04 300
    Copper-Nozzle FSD 400 432 04 60 04 400
    Plastic-Nozzle FKD 200 232 04 60 13 200
    Plastic-Nozzle FKD 300 332 04 60 13 300
    Plastic-Nozzle FKD 400 432 04 60 13 400


While the precision Cu nozzle is applied to beam the lubricating medium as precisely as possible to the point, the wide-jet nozzle is provided for a uniformly round, large-area application of lubricant.
The finely adjustable two-fluid nozzle with external mixture is available in different lengths like all Cu nozzles.
Special dimensions on request.
    Type Dim A Order No.
    Copper-Nozzle WSD 100 122 04 60 03 100
    Copper-Nozzle WSD 200 222 04 60 03 200
    Copper-Nozzle WSD 300 322 04 60 03 300
    Copper-Nozzle WSD 400 422 04 60 03 400
    Plastic-Nozzle WKD 200 222 04 60 14 200
    Plastic-Nozzle WKD 300 322 04 60 14 300
    Plastic-Nozzle WKD 400 422 04 60 14 400

U-Nozzles for band saws or circular saws (buzz saws)

U-nozzles in various designs for simultaneous wetting and cooling of both saw blade and saw blade sides with only one metering pump.
STW-U nozzles lubricate and cool down the cutting edge in the material, as well as the deflection rollers e.g. on horizontal band saws.
Only the most common standard variants are listed.
For more information on further nozzle variants, please inquire.
    Type Dim X Order No.
    U-Nozzle UDK-30 30 04 60 09 030
    U-Nozzle UDK-40 40 04 60 09 040
    U-Nozzle UDB-30 30 04 60 10 030
    U-Nozzle UDB-40 40 04 60 10 040

Self-priming injector nozzle with constant medium throughput INC

Spray nozzle that sucks in the medium to be sprayed according to the Venturi principle.
The nozzle is characterized by a particularly evektive use of the air flow to generate a negative pressure. Thus, with minimal air consumption, the spray medium, e.g. Lubricating oil, emulsion, release agent, corrosion inhibitor or just water sucked and sprayed fine.
To regulate the medium flow rate, a simple throttle valve between the reservoir and the nozzle can be mounted.
The INC injector nozzle are completely wear-free and reliable.

Compact design, easy installation with our standard magnetic nozzle holders with or without flexible copper tube.
    Nozzle-Type Order-No.
    INC-01 05 60 01

Self-priming injector nozzle with variable medium throughput INV

Self-priming venturi nozzle or injector nozzle with adjustable nozzle head.
Like the simple injector nozzle type INC, the variably adjustable spray nozzle INV has a particularly effective and air-saving internal geometry, which allows maximum suction power with the lowest air consumption and air pressure.
In addition, this nozzle design allows throttling the medium throughput directly on the nozzle head.
The spray jet can thus be regulated particularly easily and locked by means of a fixing screw.
The assembly is preferably carried out with our standard magnetic nozzle holders with or without flexible copper tube.
    Nozzle-Type Order-No.
    INV-01 05 61 01