Progressive Distributor PGV

Distribution block for the even grease supply of several lubrication points

Grease Distributor PGV for 2-8 lubrication points

Grease Distributor PGV for 2-8 lubrication points

Grease-Metering-Pump DPF with progressive distributor for 8 lubrication points

Distribution block for oil (from a viscosity of approx. 140 cP) and grease (NLGI Class 1 & 2) for uniform distribution to several lubrication points.


Small pistons inside the manifold block are moved by the pressure of the inflowing medium. In doing so, they include geometrically defined "lubricant portions" and issue them successively at each outlet until a run is completed and the process can be repeated.
Thus, a uniform distribution of the pressed lubricant into several lubrication points is geometrically ensured.
In order to check the proper functioning of the lubrication system, the use of a reed sensor is optionally available, which monitors that the progressive distributor has performed a complete lubrication cycle. The discharge volume per outlet is acc. to the list in the data-sheet.
In addition to our grease metering pump DPF-30, the progressive distributor is also ideally suited for combination with central lubrication systems or for the manual grease supply of several lubrication points via the hand lever grease gun.

mounting dimensions of the grease distributor PGV


    Type Order-No. w/o. function monitoring Order-No. with function monitoring
    2 outlets 1402 0020 1402 0120
    3 outlets 1403 0020 1403 0120
    4 outlets 1404 0020 1404 0120
    5 outlets 1405 0020 1405 0120
    6 outlets 1406 0020 1406 0120
    7 outlets 1407 0020 1407 0120
    8 outlets 1408 0020 1408 0120