TopTank: The storage container

High quality container for storing liquids on industrial plants

The standard oil container for the SputtMiK dosing devices is ideally suited where liquids such as cooling lubricants, oils, detergents, preservatives, etc. are used.
The high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials (stainless steel and nickel-plated brass) in combination with resistant acrylic glass and the highest quality seals (only FKM / FPM) ensure that the TopTank is the industry standard in "Top-Mounted*" storage tanks.
A particularly large dirt sieve ensures that no chips etc. enter the container when filling, but at the same time also highly viscous media such as hydraulic oils can be quickly filled. The filling opening is designed for the use of dispensing guns or funnels for rapid filling. A retaining strap made of indestructible special spring steel ensures that the fuel filler cap is never lost.

  • High quality materials -> Stainless
  • Large filler for simple filling with dispensing nozzle or funnel
  • Large, fine mesh filling strainer in the filler neck
  • Captive tank cap
  • Optional with liquid level switch


Nickel-plated brass
stainless steel
Seals: FKM (FPM)
Container glass: PMMA (acrylic)

Container size:

1, 2 and 3 liters
(Special sizes on request)
Oil Tank for Lubrication devices

Oil reservoir TopTank in three sizes

    Reservoir Type ØA. dim. B dim. C thread G** Order No.
    TopTank 1000 105 mm 206 mm 12 mm* R 1/4" 000 01 202 10
    TopTank 2000 138 mm 232 mm 12 mm* R 1/4" 000 01 202 20
    TopTank 3000 155 mm 265 mm 12 mm* R 1/4" 000 01 202 30
*Definition "Top" Tank: Ventilated liquid reservoir, usually mounted at the highest point of a hydraulic system.
**Screw-in plug according to DIN 3852-2

Accessories for TopTank Oil Reservoir

For the easy installation of the TopTank oil container, you will find here the corresponding mounting accessories such as the sturdy stainless steel mounting bracket, the corresponding bulkhead fitting with a 1/4 "connection or the large holding magnet for easy attachment of the oil tank to a flat machine housing.
TopTank oil reservoir accessories

TopTank oil reservoir accessories

Accessories for Oil Reservoirs

01 TopTank Oil Tank
02 Bulkhead Fitting 1/4 "
03 Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket
04 Holding Magnet Ø80
05 1/4 "Screw Connection
06 Hose

AluTank: AluTank: Aluminim reservoir for lubricaton solutions

Aluminum oil tank for wall mounting

Reservoir made of die-cast aluminum for large lubricators or lubrication systems. Completely equipped with oil level indicator, large filling opening with vented tank cap, fine-mesh but large-scale dirt strainer for quick filling and solid stainless steel cover plate with gasket.
Especially suitable for wall mounting or screwing on the floor.
Optionally, these oil tanks can also be equipped with float switches to detect both a minimum and a maximum level of filling.
Customized solutions such as additional outlets, filling connections, etc. on request.

  • High quality materials
  • Large filler for simple filling with dispensing nozzle or funnel
  • Large, fine mesh filling strainer in the filler neck
  • Optional with liquid level switch

Container size:

6 liter and 10 liters
(Special sizes on request)
Aluminium Oilreservoir with float switch

Alu Oil reservoir for lubrication systems with float switch

Dimensions Aluminium Oilreservoir with float switch

Dimensions of 6L Alu Oil reservoir with float switch