Coaxial hose / coaxial coupling for MQL-System SputtMiK

In the case of microdosing systems, the medium and the spray air are usually passed separately to the nozzle, and only then are they combined.
Since a robust hose is often easier to handle than two filigree hoses, the SputtMiK minimum quantity lubrication system leads to the medium hose within the larger air hose.
The one-hand coupling system, which allows the quick disconnection of the coax hose from the basic device, is also a specially developed "one-hand KOAX coupling".
When configuring your device, choose a robust, fiber-reinforced PVC hose or a metal-sheathed hose and determine the desired length (in steps of 0.5 m). Enter an order number as described below when you request or place an order.
A coaxial hose is delivered ready assembled.

coaxial coupling for minimum-quantity-lubrication MQL

The components:

1. Coaxial coupling socket
2. Shrink sleeve (only for metal jacket hose)
3. Two-terminal clamps
4. Air hose
5. Medium hose
6. 1/8 "nipple
Comparison of the two optional air hose variants

PVC hose
+ Cheaper in the purchase
+ Easier to clean
- Unsuitable for hot shavings

Metal sheath hose
+ Extremely robust
+ Suitable for hot shavings
    Hose-Type Order No.
    PVC-Coaxial-hose 04E50 51 XXXX
    Metal sheath coaxial hose 04E50 14 XXXX
    XXXX = length in cm (standard: 50 steps only)
    Example: 2.5 m PVC coaxial hose with coaxial coupling socket and 1/8 "nipple: 04E50 51 0250