Precision-Jet-Nozzle on Copper-Tube or Articulated Plasic Hose

"The Universal"

Enormously fine atomizing Jet Nozzle on Cu-Tube or plastic articulated hose for cooling lubricant feed from outside.
With minimum air demand, even the smallest quantities of the medium can be applied precisely and on point.
The two-component-nozzle geometry, with the smallest mixing chamber in the nozzle head, allows a very fine spray pattern over a wide range of viscosities.

Available as all Cu nozzles in different lengths.
Special dimensions on request.
The standard in two component Jet Nozzles for Minimumg-Quantity-Lubricatin-Systems.

Precision Jet Nozzle on articulated plastic hose

Standard Jet-Nozzle for Minimum Quantity Lubrication

    Type Dim A Order No.
    Copper: PCD 100 123 04 60 02 100
    Copper: PCD 200 223 04 60 02 200
    Copper: PCD 300 323 04 60 02 300
    Plastic: PKD 200 223 04 60 12 200
    Plastic: PKD 300 323 04 60 12 300


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