Precision Drip Feed Lubricator

Multiple Feed Electro Lubricator

For over 100 years the Gravity Lubricator has been a simple, robust and reliable device for the dripping-off of lubricants.
However, the simple principle of directing lubricating oil from an oil tank to the lubrication point via fine-adjustable valves with drop-glass is a great disadvantage: the flow rate varies greatly with the filling level of the container.
The STW Precision Drip Feed Oiler has been developed to solve exactly this problem. Whether one, two or three liters of Oil Reservoir, whether full, half full or just before the vacancy ... The Precision Drip Feed Lubricator gives constant the set drop number.

  • Electric solenoid valve for switching the Drip Feed Oiler on and off
  • 1 till 12 Oil-Dripper for 1-12 lubricating points*
  • Optionally with float switch for level monitoring
  • Optional with time control "DigiTimer"


Brass bright / nickel plated
Stainless steel
Seals: FKM (FPM)
Oil Reservoir- / Dropsight glass: PMMA (Acryl)

Size of Oil Reservoir:

1, 2 and 3 Liters
(Special sizes on request)
    Size of Reservoir. ØA B
    TopTank 1000 105 mm 336 mm
    TopTank 2000 138 mm 362 mm
    TopTank 3000 155 mm 395 mm

Article No.:

    . Size of Reservoir Oil Dripper quantity Voltage
    03 XX XX XXX
    01 = 1L 01 = 1 Dripper 024 = 24V DC
    02 = 2L 02 = 2 Dripper 230 = 230V AC
    03= 3L 03 = 3 Dripper
    04 = ...
* The maximum number of Oil Dripper can not be specified as a general rule as it is strongly dependent on the viscosity of the lubricant and the required droplet per Oil Dripper.