Dose Oiler or Oil Dispenser

Universal Lubricator for the precise dispensing of lubricant media

Traditional lubricators quickly reach their limits when lubricating chains, conveyor belts, slide rails and the like, since in modern plants, over-oiling and the associated contamination of the environment with lubricants can no longer be accepted.
With a gravity drip feed oiler which delivers significantly more medium when the container is full than when the filling level is low, exact dosage - even in the drop area - can not be achieved.
Microdosing pumps originally developed for the minimum quantity cooling lubrication in the machining industry are the almost perfect alternative.
The infinitely adjustable conveying capacity of 0-100 microliter and the robust, simple and reliable mechanics make it possible.
The application of the lubricant to, for example, the conveyor chain takes place, as in the case of known droplets, via a lubricating brush of the appropriate width or a lubricating pinion.
When laying the connecting hose, nothing has to be taken into account and it can bridge distances of more than 20 m depending on the viscosity of the lubricating oil. The discharge pressure is up to 80 bar.
In combination with the STW-DigiTimer, it is reliably possible to lubricate lubrication points in a number of individual cans in a period of one week, which in sum only form one drop of oil.

  • The size of the storage container (one, two or three liters)
  • Filling level monitoring (yes / no)
  • Number of dosing pumps
  • Supply voltage (24 - 48 V DC or 110 - 230 V AC)
  • DigiTimer (yes / no)
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dose oiler for central lubrication


    Number of dosing pumps. Oil tank size Valve voltage
    08 XX XX XXX
    01 = one Dosing pump
    02 = two dosing pumps
    03 = ...
    01 = 1L
    02 = 2L
    03 = 3L
    024 = 24 V DC
    048 = 48 V DC
    110 = 110 V AC
    230 = 230 V AC

dose oiler at work

dosing oiler in a manufactury of special springs